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Seek Thermal - Reveal Thermal Imaging Camera and 300 Lumen LED Light


All-In-One Thermal Imaging Camera and 300 Lumen LED Light
Durable, all-in-one thermal imager, with a 36-degree field of view, making it the perfect tool to easily, accurately and safely inspect any job site.
Performance Focused
•400-foot detection distance simplifies electrical utility work
•206 x 156 Thermal Sensor accurately identifies overheating motors
•Powerful 300 Lumen Light to for use in tight spaces
•Long-lasting 10-hour rechargeable battery to last the entire shift
Long-range detection that’s easy to use
•Quick startup provides instant detection
•Intuitive, single-handed interface
•Library of color palettes to customize the built-in display
•Micro SD card for photo capture and USB transfer
Up Your Game
•Accurately inspection for mechanical, electrical and building applications
•Safely examine any job site in light or total darkness
•Stay safer by quickly and easily detecting single handedly
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