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Seek Thermal - Compact Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera designed specifically for your smartphone.
Highly portable thermal imager, with a 36-degree field of view, making it the perfect tool to easily, accurately and safely inspect indoors.

Performance Focused
•Wide field-of-view quickly scans the inside of any room for problem areas
•206 x 156 Thermal Sensor accurately identifies areas of heat loss and gain
•Measures temperature differences from -40 degrees Celsius to 330 degrees Celsius
Thermal detection that’s easy to use
•Intuitive, free app from Google Play or iTunes
•Library of color palettes to maximize thermal imagery
•Customizable performance settings to fully personalize the user experience
•Comes with its own waterproof case to withstand the elements
Work Smarter
•Accurately inspect mechanical, electrical HVAC and building applications
•Safely examine any job site in light or total darkness
•Work faster and be more efficient from the convenience of your smartphone
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