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RevealXR Fast Frame Thermal Imaging Camera

Durable, all-in-one thermal imager, with a thermal detection range of up to 900 feet, providing safety & security professionals the added edge they need on the job. Loaded with FastFrame imaging for smooth scanning on the go.

·      900-foot detection distance allowing awareness from afar and on the go

·      206 x 156 Thermal Sensor with the resolution needed to identify intruders

·      Powerful 300 Lumen Light to spotlight when needed

·      FastFrame imaging displays more than 15 frames per second, providing smooth thermal imaging


Long-range detection thats easy to use

·         Seek a new advantage

·         Quick start-up provides instant detection

·         Accurately observe from anywhere in the building

·         Safely examine the property in light or total darkness

·         Stay safe without giving position away


Intuitive, single-handed interface

·         Library of colour palettes to customize the built-in display

·         Micro SD card for photo capture and USB transfer

Lasts up to 10 hours in continuous thermal imaging mode
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