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Cutters Edge Rotary Saw Kit


Cutters Edge H1 Series Rotary Rescue Saw with Black Diamond Blade Water Kit 

• 14"(355.6mm) or 12"(305mm) 
• Spare Black Diamond Blade 
• 4.75L Fuel Container 
• 236ml 2-Cycle Synthetic Oil Mix 
• Spark Plug (Spare) 
• 3/4" (76mm) x 75' (22.86 m) MYTI-FLO Woven Water Hose 
• Drive Belt (Spare) 
• Foam Air Filter (Spare) 
• Scrench Tool 
• Diamond Plate Aluminium Case with Compartmentalization and Engineered “Hold-Downs"

The Black Star Diamond Rescue Blade. It cuts any material: concrete, steel, metal, brick, wood, aluminum -- you name it, this blade will cut it. The Black Blade cuts safely - in either rotational direction for long blade life and maximum performance. Unlike other blades that have angled gullets, limiting them to safely cutting in one rotational direction and reducing their blade life, the perpendicular gullets on the Black Diamond Blade allow cutting in both rotational directions; enhancing safety, cutting speed and blade life.
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