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Cutters Edge Rotary Bullet Blade


Thousands of Fire Departments have been successfully using the Cutters Edge BULLET CHAIN® on Fire Rescue Chainsaws for over 25 years. Now Cutters Edge has made designed another breakthrough by putting the BULLET CHAIN® on a Cutters Edge Rotary Saw circular blade. The rotary saw turns the blade as much as 3 times faster than a chainsaw, significantly increasing the performance and the range of materials it can cut.

Moves 3 Times Faster than a Chainsaw 
Low Vibration and Smooth, Fast Cutting 
Minimal Spark Generation 
Designed for Forcible Entry, Search and Rescue, Vehicle Extrication

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Unlike other carbide-tipped blades, the Cutters Edge Rotary Saw BULLET BLADE can be repaired and sharpened and used over and over again, increasing the long-term value of the blade. When other blades get broken cutters or dull they cannot be repaired and are thrown away.
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