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Cutters Edge CE1260 Rotary Rescue Saw 7.8hp


Cutters Edge Rotary Rescue Saw CE1260 is an air-cooled 2 stroke rotary saw with a maximum blade speed of 5400 RPM. Fitted with the Cutters Edge Black Diamond Blade, this is the fastest cutting blade but has the versatility to cut any material, wet or dry. One single Black Diamond Blade will last up to 100 times longer than composite blades.

• Engine - Air cooled 2-Stroke
• Displacement - 7.3 cu in. (119cc)
• Max Blade Speed - 4700 RPM
• Power - 7.8hp (5.8kW)
• Dry Weight - 14.4kg 

• Active Air Filtration™with K&N Filter
• Integrated Scrench Tool Holder with Water Control Valve
• Compression Release for Trouble-Free Ease of Starting 
• “D” Starter Handle with Reflective Label and Extra-Large Opening for Gloves 
• Momentary Contact On/Off Switch 
• Optional Illuminating Handle Glows in the Dark 
• 16" Black Diamond Blade 
• Covered Belt Guard Protects Drive Belt from Debris 
• Belt Tension Indicator


Cutters Edge Rotary Rescue Saws use new Dual Intake technology that split the airflow into one fresh-air stream and one clean-air stream for the fuel-air mixture. The fresh-air intake forms a barrier that delays the fresh fuel mix from entering the engine while assisting in exhausting the burned gases. Then the fuel-air mixture enters the engine, resulting in more power, higher torque, 75% less emissions and 20% more fuel economy than conventional 2-stroke engines.
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