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Cutters Edge 2166-RS Multi Cut Saw 5.28hp


Cutters Edge 2166-RS Multi-Cut Rescue Saw with BULLET® Chain will cut faster and lasts up to 20 times longer than standard chains and cuts a large variety of materials. The Cutters Edge Bullet Chain is the only chain engineered and built specifically for Fire and Rescue cutting. With a tool-less Guard/Depth® Gauge to protect the operator from the chain and allows the depth of cut to be set so no structural members are cut. Cutters Edge tool-less design allows fast and easy adjustments and removal in seconds, even with gloves on. 

Engine Specs:
Type - Single-cylinder 2-cycle, with loop scavenging 
Displacement - 4.3 cu.in. (70.7cc) 
Max Engine Speed - No load ...13,500 RPM Horsepower - 5.28hp/3.8kW 

Cutting Chain: 
Style - Cutters Edge Bullet Chain 
Type - Carbide tipped with "locking key" 

Guide Bar: 
Type - 11-Tooth internal sprocket nose 
Steel Alloy - .5mm Thick bar body 
High Speed Steel - Sealed sprocket nose 
Cutting Lengths - 12" (30.48cm), 16" (40.64cm), 20" (50.80cm),

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Cutters Edge

Cutters Edge MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saws have been designed, engineered and built specifically for the Fire Rescue Service. Delivering 100% reliable high performance cutting in extreme fire and rescue conditions. Cutters Edge new technology utilizes Dual Intakes that split the airflow into one fresh-air stream and one clean-air stream for the fuel-air mixture. The fresh air intake forms a barrier that delays the fresh fuel mix from entering the engine while assisting in exhausting the burned gases. Then the fuel-air mixture flushes into the engine, resulting in more power and less emissions compared to conventional 2-stroke engines.
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